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Endorsement Stamps

No More Hand Signing Checks - Use A Stamp!

endorsement stamp

Simplify the process of endorsing checks with a stamp. Instead of writing down the information by hand, using a stamp can save you time and ensure that everything is readable. All of our endorsement and bank deposit stamps fit standard sized checks and we guarantee deposit stamp quality. Studies show that 7% of all annual business revenue is lost due to theft and fraud, with 45% of that being from employees. All business should have a fraud avoidance plan in place and a key part of that is using a "for deposit only" stamp on all incoming checks to prevent employees from cashing them. Here is a brief description of the different types of endorsement stamps we carry:

• Choose from a brand that you use and trust like Shiny, Trodat, COLOP (formerly 2000 plus), and Xstamper.
Multiple Sizes
• Compact Endorsement Stamps are for when you just need 1-2 lines with your name or account info.
• For Deposit Only Stamps are setup with 2 lines underneath 'FOR DEPOSIT ONLY'. Just enter your Account Name and Account #. Or upload your bank's specific layout/format.
• Standard Endorsement Stamps are setup for 5 line 'PAY TO THE ORDER OF' formats. Enter your Bank Name, Account Name and Account #. Or upload your bank's specific layout/format.
Stamp Style
• Your choice of the economical Wood Knob, quick and repetitive Self-Inking, or long lasting Pre-Inked stamp.
• Choose from water-based or oil-based inks in up to 8 different colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Brown, Pink, and Orange. 

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