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Palette Ink

green, blue, red palette ink bottles

Palette ink combines the dye and pigment elements to make a hybrid ink that works on almost everything. Palette inks are waterproof, acid free, non-solvent, and non-fading. Great for crafting, scrapbooking, and other home uses. Also ideal for archival marking and other applications that require longer than normal lasting impression. Eliminate the confusion over which ink to use for each surface with Palette hybrid ink pads and refill ink. Here are some of the top features of the Palette refill ink...

• Choose from 13 Vibrant Colors.
• Hybrid ink that is waterproof, acid free, archival, non-fading
• Dries fast on gloss and smooth surfaces
• Crisp, bright, non-bleeding impressions
• Thicker color coverage than most dye based inks
• Works well with acrylic and wood rubber stamps

Note: This ink can only be used to reink the Palette hybrid ink pad. It will NOT work in any self-inking or pre-inked stamp. Using it will ruin the stamp you put it into.If you have any questions or need recommendations for a stamp, we have a team of experts you can contact by phone or email. Find our Contact Information Here

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Palette ink sticks to most surfaces & is a great all purpose stamp ink. Vivid color dries like dye ink. Available in a 1/2 Oz bottle. Free Shipping!
Palette 1/2 oz Refill Ink

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