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Inspection Stamps

Stamp Your Approval with an Inspector Stamp

inspection stamp

Clearly show which parts, documents, blueprints, building plans, or packages have been approved or inspected with a stamp. QA (quality assurance) and QC (quality control) are essential for many manufacturing businesses and an inspector stamp can improve speed and accuracy versus hand writing. Document Control is another area where inspector stamps will save you time and help reduce mistakes. Our inspector stamps can be customized with your personal initials, an inspector number, employee ID number, a custom message or a logo. Choose the right stamp size and ink type to best fit your business or industry. Here are some of the features of our inspector stamps:

• Sizes from as small as 1/4" to as large as 2".
• Water-based inks best used for repeated stamping on paper.
• Oil-based inks which are more water resistant.
• Alcohol based inks are fast drying and will dry on non-porous surfaces like glossy paper, glass, & metal.
• Total customization. Type out text, upload your logo, or use a combination of both.
Stamp-Connection prides itself on customer service, fast turn-around, and affordable prices. We have over 80 years of experience and are here to help you find the stamp you need. If you have any questions or need recommendations, Call us, Email us, or Visit in person. Every stamp we sell is 100% guaranteed for life, no questions asked!

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